Women In Advertising - Stephanie Radish

Six weeks in & this is our second nomination for#WIA. This week it's extra special to me because this is one of my very own colleagues & the nomination comes from a friend I have known for 17 years (ew). Our nomination is @stephradish, rock star Mom & project manager at @digitashealth. Steph was nominated by Erika Arcieri & everything that Erika says about Steph I agree with.  Here is why Erika nominated Steph:

"On a list of World's Most Likely Places for Two Cynics to Meet, I have to imagine that an advertising agency ranks pretty high. Nonetheless, despite our best efforts, neither of us really qualifies for the title - profane wisecracks aside, we're both pretty soft inside. @stephradish is a no-nonsense, get it done, & get it done right - Project Manager. Steph has made my professional development not just bearable, but enjoyable. She has a great sense of humor about everything & is always willing to go the extra step for her team.

Her professional achievements never cease to amaze me, as she receives internal notoriety from her colleagues on a daily basis. There have been many days when Steph comes in early in the morning only to leave late at night; setting the team up for success. Aside from being extraordinary at her job, Steph is also Supermom to two beautiful girls. I have seen her stay at work until 9pm & bring in the leftover cupcakes she baked that night (for her daughter's class) into work the next day.

Suffice to say, it pained me when news broke that I would be switching teams & no longer be under her wing. I will always admire Steph for her hard work, her ability to connect to others, & her selflessness. She is truly the definition of a powerful woman! My only hope is that our snarky workplace dialogues will continue unabated and that one day my skills will be as refined as hers."

@stephradish, thanks for all you do everyday for our teams. Your daughters are lucky to have such a strong female role model to look up to & your @digitashealth family is lucky to have you. You are superwoman, the definition of a #WIA. Also, you have insane, killer arms... no idea how you have time to get those on top of everything.