Women In Advertising - Melissa Hennessy

I'm really excited about this weeks #WIA because this is the first week we are getting a recommendation from another #WIA. Today we recognize Melissa Hennessy @hennessyreps and she was nominated from last weeks selection @mergeleft. I don't know Melissa that well personally, but hearing Tricia describe her makes me feel like I am missing out. Here is why Tricia nominated her:

"Melissa used to be an agent, Hennessy Reps and now she is the Creative Industry Liaison at Career Center of Columbia College Chicago. We went to photo school together at RIT and "grew up" as photo agents together. She is honest, kind, and selfless. Many a night her children waited for dinner because she was finishing up an estimate or talking a photographer off the ledge. We trusted each other as colleagues when so many agents don't. We recommended each others photographers - that says a lot about our trust level. Her photographers loved her, and clients as well. I've never heard anyone say a foul thing about her.
She's also an amazing mother to two fantastic kids (insane hockey mom) and is always doing for others whether it's raising money to acknowledge military suicides or collecting necessary items for Sandy victims, it's always with her whole heart. I don't know how she does it all."

@hennesseyreps I'm so glad that @mergeleft nominated you, because it gave me the opportunity to get to know you better. You are exactly the type of woman that is perfect for this weekly shout out. Thank you for being an inspiration today & huge thanks to Tricia for sharing the love & nominating someone...this is exactly why I started this.