Women In Advertising - JoAnne Guardiani

Happy Hump Day 🐫& #WIA day! This weeks nomination is a broadcast producer at Digitas Health & someone that I fondly refer to as "The Derek Jeter of production" - none other than JoAnne Guardiani or @jojojog1. When I first took the job at DH I was lucky enough to be surrounded by really smart, savy & kind women producers including Janet Bess & Catherine Bray Barrett. JoAnne & I had a production together that took us to LA so we got to really know each other better. I was & still am in awe of JoAnne and her presence. She's one of the most fashionable people I know, in fact when I get dressed I often say to myself WWJW (What would JoAnne wear). She is hilarious, I mean truly hilarious; the kind of person that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little. She is kind, always willing to help someone in need & she is one of the savviest, strongest producers I have ever had the privilege to work around & learn from. JoAnne is the kind of person who literally lights up a room, not just with her smile & quick wit, but she has this uncanny ability to make people feel like they have known her their whole lives. She works incredibly hard, is constantly problem solving & finding the best solution for whatever challenges may arise. She's a girls girl, always pushing for the ladies in her life, and she has a ton of them. And on top of all of these amazing attributes, she is married to the love of her life for 30 + years, the Mother to two grown, successful children & the dotting grandmother to two adorable tiny humans. @jojojog1, thanks for taking me under your wing as soon as I got to DH, for being such an incredible mentor, friend & laughing partner. There is nobody else I would rather see a Beyonce concert in the pouring rain with.