Women In Advertising - Deb Schwartz

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the ladies out there! This is such a special day & I couldn't be happier that it falls on a Wednesday for my weekly#WIA. The woman that I have chosen for this week is none other than Deb Schwartz, owner of @dsreps. If you want to meet a strong, driven, intelligent, fun, laid back, hard working, open, woman she's your lady. On top of being an extremely successful business owner & human, she is the mom to two of the cutest, nicest sons & a husband that she is still madly in love with after all these years. 

I first met Deb back in 2008 when I was working as a coordinator at #BBDO. She came to take our department to lunch along with @hellochristinrose who was working for her at the time. I spent most of that lunch talking with @hellochristinrose because I was fascinated with her and we were so close in age, but as my career developed and I started using more and more of Deb's photographers I noticed a common theme with @dsrepsofficial. Her business is not about the money, it's about the people, relationships & her integrity. Her photographers I have worked with are beyond talented, but more so they gracious, kind, humble and people that I genuinely want to have a drink with after the shoot is wrapped. The ones that I have bid on calls that don't get the job I look forward to working with one day. Deb, her employees & her photographers will always have your back & that is rare. I often work with @nickisilverman from @dsrepsofficial & she is equally as amazing. 

Deb has the ability to build her tribe. She has amazing people around her, it's not a calculated move, it's just who she is. Her story of her childhood & building her career is like nothing I had ever heard before, that just adds to the list of reasons of why @dsreps is my choice for #WIA on #internationalwomensday & why I love her so much. Thank you @dsreps for being a friend, role model, and someone that I genuinely admire. If I am ever lucky enough to own my own business one day I want to emulate you. There is nobody else out there quite like you, & how lucky am I that I get to call you my friend & mentor!