Women In Advertising - Christin Rose

It’s the second week of #womeninadvertising and I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me who I have nominated for this week. @hellochristinrose and I first met when I was just a coordinator at BBDO and she was working at @dsreps. Both fresh out of college and trying to find our way, we hit it off immediately and over the years our friendship has only gotten stronger. Christin is one of those people that is electric, her smile & laugh contagious. Her ambition, work ethic and fun loving personality is something that most people want to emulate. She personally inspires me with the way she views the world, but also by the work she does. About two years ago Christin & I were on a phone call talking about her work and how she needs to switch things up because for whatever reason, her photography wasn’t resonating with people the way she wanted. She told me she needed to “flip the room”, which is a saying she learned from her father who was a football coach…and she did just that. She is now the founder of @sheplayswein & has partnered with @underarmour on a clothing line…needless to say, her career has taken off. So @hellochristinrose, thanks for being a badass woman who supports other woman & girls all over the world. And thanks for being a hell of a friend, a talented photographer, a role model & a constant source of inspiration. I’m honored to know you, work with you, but most of all to call you my friend. Link to her clothing line here: https://www.underarmour.com/…/she-plays-we-…/pcid1306501-100