Women In Advertising - Zoe Glassner

My choice for this weeks #WIA is an extremely talented wardrobe stylist & personal friend of mine, @zoe_glassner_atkins. I know she is probably going to cringe when she reads this because Zoe hates being center of attention, but when you're this good & this great of a person you deserve a little shout out every now & then. I first met Zoe back in 2014 on one of our lifestyle shoots. Her husband @nikatkins was our producer & I had no idea that at the time of our shoot Zoe was already several weeks pregnant & having some serious morning sickness. I found out months later when they told me they were expecting, but Zoe worked so hard, was so professional & happy to be working with us that you would have never known she was feeling ill. On top of that, when Zoe was about 8 months pregnant she did a huge job with me and never complained once. Zoe has an amazing eye & is able to pair pieces together that help to tell the photographers & creative teams story. She is always so clear on what the vision of the job is & what the creative team is looking for. She goes above & beyond on her delivery of their expectations and in wardrobe fittings that go for 8 hours straight she keeps things fun & upbeat with her fun loving personality. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with her immediately falls in love with her, even to the point that my creative teams are asking if we can have Zoe as our stylist on our shoots. I've worked with Zoe on jobs where we have real patients are our models & she makes them feel so at ease & is always considerate of their needs. I honestly have never worked with another stylist that was so talented with such a magnetic personality. On top of being a fantastic LA stylist, she is also the wife to my favorite producer @ nikatkins & mother to one of the cutest little ladies, Indie & dog mom to their furry companion Noemi. Photographers, producers, editors, if you need a stylist @zoe_glassner_atkins is the best of the best.