Women In Advertising - Mattison Becker

Happy #WIA Day! I can not say enough how happy I am that this week is almost over & that our#YEAHNO #ArtAuction is tomorrow night! I am so lucky that I work with such amazing people who are as invested in the success of this event as I am. So for this weeks nomination, I am keeping it super close to my heart & my desk with my nominee. This is a very special person to me & I want to show some serious love to my @digitashealth family & highlight @b1gb34rhug, my partner in crime, Mattison Becker. I first met Mattie while she was a student @Drexel in her senior year. Mattie explained that while she loved photography, she didn't want to be a photographer & had a strong interest in being an Art Producer. At the time I was looking to fill an Associate Art Producer role, the rest is history. To find someone, so young, with such a good sense of self, ambition, honesty, & sense of humor is extremely rare. Mattie is an old, unique soul in the absolute best possible way. It feels like everyday I am learning something new from her, even if it's new meals to cook in a crock pot. She continues to over deliver & at times it feels like she is reading my mind... we even wear the same outfits (not on purpose). Everyone that she interacts with praises her & what an amazing job she does. Every side project that I want to take on she not only supports, but takes on with me full force. She's become more than my coworker, she's become one of my closest friends. The peanut butter to my jelly, the lamb to my tuna fish, the spaghetti to my meatball. So much so that getting ready on my wedding day wouldn't have felt complete without her being by my side. When she isn't being a kick ass producer you can find her listening to old jazz or rock & roll, playing Mom to a rabbit named Bruce & a dog named Blue or planning her fall wedding to her fiance @timmichanga625. Mattie Cakes, you're one of the best things DH has ever given me, thank you for supporting all of my crazy ideas like their your own, eating snacks with me whenever I'm hangry, stalking cute old people on a beautiful day & being one of the absolute best people I know. I'm lucky to have you in my life.