Women In Advertising - Joann Famular

Happy #WIA Wednesday! I'm doing a repeat this week by keeping our nomination at @Digitashealth. I don't like to do two DH's nominees back to back, but for reasons that I will list below, I had to highlight @jojo_fam. Jo is by far one of the best project managers I have ever had the privilege of working with, I truly mean that. She is extremely hard working, she understands the process, she's a problem solver, & has such a laid back, but get shit done demeanor. If she manages to leave the office at a normal time, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for her to still be working at home at 10:00 at night...probably in between her online @gilt shopping splurges. I knew at some point I was going to highlight Jo, but last week really solidified it for me. For the past two Art Auction's that I have hosted, she has not only come out & supported me & the event, but she volunteered her time to stay late & help set up & take down the event. Keep in mind, this is someone that doesn't have a ton of free time. There was no reason she had to help, that's just the type of person she is. Always willing to step up, help out a friend or coworker. If you have a problem you are trying to solve she will help you find a solution. If you need help understanding how things work she will take the time to sit with you until you are confident in your knowledge. And if you're looking for some great fashion advice on inspiration, she's got you covered. On top of being one of DH's rockstar employees, she has what seems like a million girlfriends, which I feel is symbolic to the level of commitment she makes to her friends, family, & people lucky enough to be in her life. How she manages to be so successful at work, be such a great friend to so many, a sister to 4 brothers, loving fiancé AND come to work everyday looking absolutely gorgeous is beyond me. @jojo_fam, you are someone that I look up to, literally because I'm so short but also because of all of the fantastic qualities you possess. I feel so lucky that I get to work with you & watch you in action, because each time I do I walk away learning from you. You are exactly what #womeninadvertising is all about! 🙌🏻