Women In Advertising - Deena Fayette


I'm clearly in vacation mode because I missed my#WIA yesterday, so we will celebrate this lovely lady on a Thursday instead! My choice for this weeks#womeninadvertising is my cute as a button friend Deena Fayette @dlux08. Deena & I met back in my#BBDO days and have carried on a friendship for almost 10 years. I can remember my first impression of her, sexy, sassy, smart, & straightforward. She had & still has so many amazing qualities all wrapped up into one hilarious lady. @dlux was so kind to me when I was just an intern, She reviewed my resume, sent email introductions to people in the industry, took me to photographers gallery shows or agents parties so I could start to build my network in our creative industry. I don't think it's common for someone who is already established in their career to take so much time out of their lives to help an intern, but that's the kind of woman Deena is. I was lucky to share an office with Deena & get to learn from her in every day situations. Listening in on her meetings & calls, I loved that she had this no non-sense approach, got the job done & had fun while doing it. If you don't know Deena, you should know that she seriously has the BEST laugh I have ever heard, the kind that makes you laugh right along with her, even if you don't know the joke. She has a great sense of humor, usually with inappropriate jokes. She is generous, not only with monetary things, but with her time. She is caring, willing to do anything for one of her friends. @dlux08 thank you for taking the time to help a little intern, for being a friend & woman I admire. And even know you left me & the East Coast for that warm LA sun, I love you & your sick sense of humor more than you know!