Women In Advertising - Whitney Headen

Happy #WomenInAdvertising Wednesday! I'm bringing you another nomination this week & I can't say enough how thrilled I am that this week is coming from a male. It's remarkable to see men getting behind this whole process! Our nominee this week is a beautiful woman named Whitney Headen, or @WhitneyMari & she was nominated by a very special person in my life, talented photographer and amazing human, Erik Umphery @Erikumphery. I don't know Whitney personally, but from learning about her, I've discovered that she is extremely ambitious, loves to travel, (she was on 92 flights last year alone), and one of her biggest successes in life is being a mentor to other women. If that isn't enough, here is what Erik had to say about Whitney: "I first met Whitney Headen a few years ago and I had no idea how much of an impact she would have on me. Her ambition is equally matched by her work ethic. She seamlessly goes from assignment to assignment pulling together amazing teams to execute her client's visions. She is currently the head of Multicultural Digital Client Solutions at Time Inc along with being the founder of The Life currency which is a digital platform that serves as an online community for Millennial and Gen Z women, allowing them to connect with one another over shared experiences from diverse perspectives and learn how to voyage life’s real life responsibilities. She is a rising star in the industry with an infectious personality."
@whitneymari, thank you for what you are doing to educate women on @thelifecurrency and for being such a positive influence of what hard work, determination & being fearless can get you in life. YOU are what #WIA is all about & I can't wait to meet you in person & hear all about your journey. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week, we've got Memorial Day this weekend which means SUMMER IS HERE! ☀️

Women In Advertising - Emily Mohr

Hello Friends! I'm coming to you from the sunny skies of California this week so I'm sorry I'm sharing this #WIA post a little later in the morning than I normally would. This week we have another nomination! How awesome are you guys that you are emailing me people you admire to show some love to?!? I'm over the moon excited about this one because this woman happens to be a very good personal friend of mine that I love & adore. Emily Mohr, @mohre1 was my intern at #BBDO way back when she was just a sophomore in college. She spent some time as the Jr. Art Producer at BBDO after graduation & has since moved on to kick ass at @webmd as a Project Manager. I affectionately refer to Emily as Sunshine because is such a happy, beautiful person. She cares deeply about the people in her life, she is a constant source of happiness & positivity. You will usually find Emily with a huge smile on her face, laughing or cracking a joke with a bag of Doritos in hand. Emily was nominated this week by another beautiful, strong woman in advertising, @melissamoen who I also have the privilege of calling my friend. Here is what Melissa had to say about Emily: 
"Emily's one year work anniversary at WebMD and she has truly shown in the past year how smart, hard working, & dedicated she is to her clients. Emily transitioned from BBDO to WebMD with little to no knowledge on Pharmaceutical advertising and she hit the ground running with the most aggressive & accelerated account. Emily has worked endless hours with the internal teams to meet unimaginable deadlines, her coworkers have only praise for how Emily handles each acceleration. If you have been lucky enough to work with Emily whether it be at BBDO or WebMD you know just how lovely she is as both a co-worker & as a person. Emily goes above & beyond to make everyone around her happy, it's a true joy to be in her presence. Emily is a role model in the advertising industry and shows what #WIA is all about!!

Women In Advertising - Joann Famular

Happy #WIA Wednesday! I'm doing a repeat this week by keeping our nomination at @Digitashealth. I don't like to do two DH's nominees back to back, but for reasons that I will list below, I had to highlight @jojo_fam. Jo is by far one of the best project managers I have ever had the privilege of working with, I truly mean that. She is extremely hard working, she understands the process, she's a problem solver, & has such a laid back, but get shit done demeanor. If she manages to leave the office at a normal time, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for her to still be working at home at 10:00 at night...probably in between her online @gilt shopping splurges. I knew at some point I was going to highlight Jo, but last week really solidified it for me. For the past two Art Auction's that I have hosted, she has not only come out & supported me & the event, but she volunteered her time to stay late & help set up & take down the event. Keep in mind, this is someone that doesn't have a ton of free time. There was no reason she had to help, that's just the type of person she is. Always willing to step up, help out a friend or coworker. If you have a problem you are trying to solve she will help you find a solution. If you need help understanding how things work she will take the time to sit with you until you are confident in your knowledge. And if you're looking for some great fashion advice on inspiration, she's got you covered. On top of being one of DH's rockstar employees, she has what seems like a million girlfriends, which I feel is symbolic to the level of commitment she makes to her friends, family, & people lucky enough to be in her life. How she manages to be so successful at work, be such a great friend to so many, a sister to 4 brothers, loving fiancé AND come to work everyday looking absolutely gorgeous is beyond me. @jojo_fam, you are someone that I look up to, literally because I'm so short but also because of all of the fantastic qualities you possess. I feel so lucky that I get to work with you & watch you in action, because each time I do I walk away learning from you. You are exactly what #womeninadvertising is all about! 🙌🏻

Women In Advertising - Mattison Becker

Happy #WIA Day! I can not say enough how happy I am that this week is almost over & that our#YEAHNO #ArtAuction is tomorrow night! I am so lucky that I work with such amazing people who are as invested in the success of this event as I am. So for this weeks nomination, I am keeping it super close to my heart & my desk with my nominee. This is a very special person to me & I want to show some serious love to my @digitashealth family & highlight @b1gb34rhug, my partner in crime, Mattison Becker. I first met Mattie while she was a student @Drexel in her senior year. Mattie explained that while she loved photography, she didn't want to be a photographer & had a strong interest in being an Art Producer. At the time I was looking to fill an Associate Art Producer role, the rest is history. To find someone, so young, with such a good sense of self, ambition, honesty, & sense of humor is extremely rare. Mattie is an old, unique soul in the absolute best possible way. It feels like everyday I am learning something new from her, even if it's new meals to cook in a crock pot. She continues to over deliver & at times it feels like she is reading my mind... we even wear the same outfits (not on purpose). Everyone that she interacts with praises her & what an amazing job she does. Every side project that I want to take on she not only supports, but takes on with me full force. She's become more than my coworker, she's become one of my closest friends. The peanut butter to my jelly, the lamb to my tuna fish, the spaghetti to my meatball. So much so that getting ready on my wedding day wouldn't have felt complete without her being by my side. When she isn't being a kick ass producer you can find her listening to old jazz or rock & roll, playing Mom to a rabbit named Bruce & a dog named Blue or planning her fall wedding to her fiance @timmichanga625. Mattie Cakes, you're one of the best things DH has ever given me, thank you for supporting all of my crazy ideas like their your own, eating snacks with me whenever I'm hangry, stalking cute old people on a beautiful day & being one of the absolute best people I know. I'm lucky to have you in my life.

Women In Advertising - Vanessa Bermudez

This weather & the amount of work I have to do for work, Drexel & personal makes me want to stay in bed & pull the covers up over my head...But, the one thing that I am super excited about is that's is#humpday, so we are half way through the week ! But that also means it's our #WIA nomination! I am so happy to say that this weeks nomination comes from a very talented photographer @jacobpritchard ! Jacob was kind enough to email me a list of fabulous woman who could be some#womeninadvertising nominations, but when he had to pick one, he went with @vbermudez. Now, I don't know Vanessa, but through what Jacob said & some social media stalking I was able to discover that Vanessa is a very talented, ambitious, agent @bareps. I also discovered her nail art is equally as talented & evolving as she is. Here is what @jacobpritchard had to say about his nomination, Vanessa: "What I think is particularly interesting about her is that she has found this great balance of being a younger agent, and just being generally involved in the arts scene/downtown culture, etc., but also working in established agency and taking influence from agents who have a ton of experience. That's allowed her to base her career on a combination of being able to work and bid jobs and promote her artists in the more traditional ways, but also having an eye for what's on the horizon for photography and art and how brands want to communicate with people. She's kicking ass now, but I can also only imagine how the relationships and interests she has now are planting a seed for even bigger things in the future."
I'm a big believer that success in any industry starts & ends with your relationships, and it appears that @vbermudez lives her life the same way. Vanessa, thanks for being another woman in the industry who isn't taking no for an answer & is carving out her mark in this amazing industry we all love. I can't wait to meet you in person one day & see those nails in real life. Everyone go check out @jacobpritchard insta & show him some love for celebrating woman & check out @vbermudez insta because I mean...why wouldn't you?!?

Women In Advertising - Jennifer Kurowski

Happy #WomenInAdvertising Day! This week I am bringing you a nomination & I am so thrilled to say that this weeks nominee was from a man! I love that people are nominating others, I especially love that men are taking a part in this! Our nomination is a book & word loving, straight shooting, fun loving lady & a VP Creative Director at @digitas_health Jenn Kurowski or @Jen_eyre_. Jen and I have been working together for years & one of the many great qualities that Jen possesses besides her undeniable talent & intelligence is the fact that she is always willing to help someone learn, if they want to! She takes time to help people understand the process, the ins & outs of pharma advertising, invites them to sit in on meetings just so they can hear how things work. I love that she does that because so many people don't! She's a no non-sense, get things done & let's have fun while doing it kind of creative. She works hard, always raises her hand & is always up for a challenge. She isn't afraid to back down and she pushes to support other women in an industry that was typically known as a boys club. I should actually thank @jen_eyre_ for starting the#WIA weekly posts because she was the one who nominated me to go to the @3percentconf where I heard so many amazing women speak, including @madonnabadger. Her nominee (who asked not to be named, but I have to) is an equally amazing, funny, talented, guy, Jim Summers or @sithlord2031 Here is what Jim had to say about Jen: "Why do I nominate her, you may ask? She's a ruthless tyrant of a CD who rules her creative team with an iron fist...Well, not really. She is a passionate writer who is extremely collaborative and is always looking out for her team. That and she likes Ghostbusters. So, she can't be all that bad." 
Thank you @sithlord2031 for supporting #WomenInAdvertising & for being a great friend & colleague. @jen_eyre_ thanks for being another bad ass woman to take over my instagram. I feel lucky that I get to work with both of you crazy fools.

Women In Advertising - Deena Fayette


I'm clearly in vacation mode because I missed my#WIA yesterday, so we will celebrate this lovely lady on a Thursday instead! My choice for this weeks#womeninadvertising is my cute as a button friend Deena Fayette @dlux08. Deena & I met back in my#BBDO days and have carried on a friendship for almost 10 years. I can remember my first impression of her, sexy, sassy, smart, & straightforward. She had & still has so many amazing qualities all wrapped up into one hilarious lady. @dlux was so kind to me when I was just an intern, She reviewed my resume, sent email introductions to people in the industry, took me to photographers gallery shows or agents parties so I could start to build my network in our creative industry. I don't think it's common for someone who is already established in their career to take so much time out of their lives to help an intern, but that's the kind of woman Deena is. I was lucky to share an office with Deena & get to learn from her in every day situations. Listening in on her meetings & calls, I loved that she had this no non-sense approach, got the job done & had fun while doing it. If you don't know Deena, you should know that she seriously has the BEST laugh I have ever heard, the kind that makes you laugh right along with her, even if you don't know the joke. She has a great sense of humor, usually with inappropriate jokes. She is generous, not only with monetary things, but with her time. She is caring, willing to do anything for one of her friends. @dlux08 thank you for taking the time to help a little intern, for being a friend & woman I admire. And even know you left me & the East Coast for that warm LA sun, I love you & your sick sense of humor more than you know! 

Women In Advertising - Zoe Glassner

My choice for this weeks #WIA is an extremely talented wardrobe stylist & personal friend of mine, @zoe_glassner_atkins. I know she is probably going to cringe when she reads this because Zoe hates being center of attention, but when you're this good & this great of a person you deserve a little shout out every now & then. I first met Zoe back in 2014 on one of our lifestyle shoots. Her husband @nikatkins was our producer & I had no idea that at the time of our shoot Zoe was already several weeks pregnant & having some serious morning sickness. I found out months later when they told me they were expecting, but Zoe worked so hard, was so professional & happy to be working with us that you would have never known she was feeling ill. On top of that, when Zoe was about 8 months pregnant she did a huge job with me and never complained once. Zoe has an amazing eye & is able to pair pieces together that help to tell the photographers & creative teams story. She is always so clear on what the vision of the job is & what the creative team is looking for. She goes above & beyond on her delivery of their expectations and in wardrobe fittings that go for 8 hours straight she keeps things fun & upbeat with her fun loving personality. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with her immediately falls in love with her, even to the point that my creative teams are asking if we can have Zoe as our stylist on our shoots. I've worked with Zoe on jobs where we have real patients are our models & she makes them feel so at ease & is always considerate of their needs. I honestly have never worked with another stylist that was so talented with such a magnetic personality. On top of being a fantastic LA stylist, she is also the wife to my favorite producer @ nikatkins & mother to one of the cutest little ladies, Indie & dog mom to their furry companion Noemi. Photographers, producers, editors, if you need a stylist @zoe_glassner_atkins is the best of the best. 

Women In Advertising - Jackie Perlmutter

I am loving this weeks #WIA nomination for so many reasons, but one of the biggest is because had I not started this weekly nomination I would have never known what an impressive woman she is. The nomination comes from an equally impressive lady, @jnperl. JP asked to nominate her sister, Jackie @jtmutter and here is what JP had to say about our nomination: "Jackie's work ethic has proven to be a great strength and asset. She has quickly risen in the ranks at every company she has ever been with, including Scholastic and Disney. When she first took a position at Cardinal Communications, she quickly proved to be invaluable to their team as well. In a few short years, the CEO of the company promoted Jackie to President. She now runs the agency, which produces all of the movie posters for Sony Picture Classics, as well as other entertainment clients. Jackie recently became a first time mom, her most precious role yet, and still manages to make it into the city daily from her CT home to keep her agency running smoothly and helps her husband with their newly opened sports store on the weekend. This woman works her buns off and is a great example of a strong ass woman kicking a$$ in this industry." 
This is the reason why I do this, to encourage women to support each other both personally and professionally, to say the things that we love and admire about each other, but often don't take the opportunity to communicate it. Thank you @jnperl for participating in the #WIA posts, for being a bad ass woman yourself, but for also introducing us to your super hero sister. @jtmutter, I can't wait for the day I get to meet you in person! 

Women In Advertising - JoAnne Guardiani

Happy Hump Day 🐫& #WIA day! This weeks nomination is a broadcast producer at Digitas Health & someone that I fondly refer to as "The Derek Jeter of production" - none other than JoAnne Guardiani or @jojojog1. When I first took the job at DH I was lucky enough to be surrounded by really smart, savy & kind women producers including Janet Bess & Catherine Bray Barrett. JoAnne & I had a production together that took us to LA so we got to really know each other better. I was & still am in awe of JoAnne and her presence. She's one of the most fashionable people I know, in fact when I get dressed I often say to myself WWJW (What would JoAnne wear). She is hilarious, I mean truly hilarious; the kind of person that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little. She is kind, always willing to help someone in need & she is one of the savviest, strongest producers I have ever had the privilege to work around & learn from. JoAnne is the kind of person who literally lights up a room, not just with her smile & quick wit, but she has this uncanny ability to make people feel like they have known her their whole lives. She works incredibly hard, is constantly problem solving & finding the best solution for whatever challenges may arise. She's a girls girl, always pushing for the ladies in her life, and she has a ton of them. And on top of all of these amazing attributes, she is married to the love of her life for 30 + years, the Mother to two grown, successful children & the dotting grandmother to two adorable tiny humans. @jojojog1, thanks for taking me under your wing as soon as I got to DH, for being such an incredible mentor, friend & laughing partner. There is nobody else I would rather see a Beyonce concert in the pouring rain with. 

Women In Advertising - Holly Sloofman

Happy Wednesday Everyone! If you're on the East Coast I hope you all stayed warm & were indoors during the #snowstorm we had yesterday! For this Wednesday's #WIA I'm highlighting another very special person to me. @hsloof was was my AE on the @starbucks account when we were both at #BBDO. Our first production together was not easy, we planned the whole shoot in less than 24 hours, went into OT on our shoot day & had to have the retouching house rush our photos so we could meet our insertion date that was literally the next day. Holly was the only one on set representing the account side & was calm the entire time; as if she had been doing this for 20 years. Fast forward almost 5 years later & Holly & I are still extremely close, celebrating all of life's milestones together. She's one of the most fun loving, caring, hilarious people I know & she knows how to rock a great pair of clogs like nobody else can. When Holly isn't kicking the advertising worlds ass at @anomaly she can be found living it up in Brooklyn pretending to be a hipster. @hsloof I love you so damn much and I will be forever grateful for that frappuccino that gave us our friendship. 

Women In Advertising - Deb Schwartz

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the ladies out there! This is such a special day & I couldn't be happier that it falls on a Wednesday for my weekly#WIA. The woman that I have chosen for this week is none other than Deb Schwartz, owner of @dsreps. If you want to meet a strong, driven, intelligent, fun, laid back, hard working, open, woman she's your lady. On top of being an extremely successful business owner & human, she is the mom to two of the cutest, nicest sons & a husband that she is still madly in love with after all these years. 

I first met Deb back in 2008 when I was working as a coordinator at #BBDO. She came to take our department to lunch along with @hellochristinrose who was working for her at the time. I spent most of that lunch talking with @hellochristinrose because I was fascinated with her and we were so close in age, but as my career developed and I started using more and more of Deb's photographers I noticed a common theme with @dsrepsofficial. Her business is not about the money, it's about the people, relationships & her integrity. Her photographers I have worked with are beyond talented, but more so they gracious, kind, humble and people that I genuinely want to have a drink with after the shoot is wrapped. The ones that I have bid on calls that don't get the job I look forward to working with one day. Deb, her employees & her photographers will always have your back & that is rare. I often work with @nickisilverman from @dsrepsofficial & she is equally as amazing. 

Deb has the ability to build her tribe. She has amazing people around her, it's not a calculated move, it's just who she is. Her story of her childhood & building her career is like nothing I had ever heard before, that just adds to the list of reasons of why @dsreps is my choice for #WIA on #internationalwomensday & why I love her so much. Thank you @dsreps for being a friend, role model, and someone that I genuinely admire. If I am ever lucky enough to own my own business one day I want to emulate you. There is nobody else out there quite like you, & how lucky am I that I get to call you my friend & mentor!

Women In Advertising - Sara Gold

Wednesdays are quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week simply because it's time for #WIA. @spgold is going to hate that I am highlighting her this week because she hates being the center of attention, but Gold you deserve it! We first met back in 2010 when she was hired at BBDO & we were set to share an office. I was so sad about @dlux08 leaving me that I thought there is no way Sara & I are going to be friends. But sure enough, I offered her part of my snack (a test of true friendship) and she accepted...passing with flying colors. I was so lucky to share an office with Sara when I was still young in my career, this was such a great learning experience because I was able to hear how Sara conducted herself on calls with creatives, agents, account, photographers,etc. No matter how stressful the situation, she always stayed calm and was able to find the positive side in. She was so kind to me, she never made me feel like I couldn't ask for her opinion, she helped me learn the industry and inspired me along the way. In fact, she was the one who pushed me to do my first photo shoot in Chicago...she did that! She had the faith in me and told me take this one on, "you got this Hoops." She affectionately calls me Hoops, but we don't need to share why or how that came about.

On top of being a rockstar Art Producer Sara runs marathons, is an amazing friend to such a large group of people, is hilarious in a totally unassuming way, she's beautiful inside & out, and most importantly she shares a serious love of food with me. @spgold I know you hate when I hug you or get super emotional and mushy, but that's why we go good together. And I really thought you should know, I wouldn't be where I am in my career if it wasn't for your guidance and friendship. I love you so much! #GoldHoopsForever

Women In Advertising - Stephanie Radish

Six weeks in & this is our second nomination for#WIA. This week it's extra special to me because this is one of my very own colleagues & the nomination comes from a friend I have known for 17 years (ew). Our nomination is @stephradish, rock star Mom & project manager at @digitashealth. Steph was nominated by Erika Arcieri & everything that Erika says about Steph I agree with.  Here is why Erika nominated Steph:

"On a list of World's Most Likely Places for Two Cynics to Meet, I have to imagine that an advertising agency ranks pretty high. Nonetheless, despite our best efforts, neither of us really qualifies for the title - profane wisecracks aside, we're both pretty soft inside. @stephradish is a no-nonsense, get it done, & get it done right - Project Manager. Steph has made my professional development not just bearable, but enjoyable. She has a great sense of humor about everything & is always willing to go the extra step for her team.

Her professional achievements never cease to amaze me, as she receives internal notoriety from her colleagues on a daily basis. There have been many days when Steph comes in early in the morning only to leave late at night; setting the team up for success. Aside from being extraordinary at her job, Steph is also Supermom to two beautiful girls. I have seen her stay at work until 9pm & bring in the leftover cupcakes she baked that night (for her daughter's class) into work the next day.

Suffice to say, it pained me when news broke that I would be switching teams & no longer be under her wing. I will always admire Steph for her hard work, her ability to connect to others, & her selflessness. She is truly the definition of a powerful woman! My only hope is that our snarky workplace dialogues will continue unabated and that one day my skills will be as refined as hers."

@stephradish, thanks for all you do everyday for our teams. Your daughters are lucky to have such a strong female role model to look up to & your @digitashealth family is lucky to have you. You are superwoman, the definition of a #WIA. Also, you have insane, killer arms... no idea how you have time to get those on top of everything.

Women In Advertising - Melissa Hennessy

I'm really excited about this weeks #WIA because this is the first week we are getting a recommendation from another #WIA. Today we recognize Melissa Hennessy @hennessyreps and she was nominated from last weeks selection @mergeleft. I don't know Melissa that well personally, but hearing Tricia describe her makes me feel like I am missing out. Here is why Tricia nominated her:

"Melissa used to be an agent, Hennessy Reps and now she is the Creative Industry Liaison at Career Center of Columbia College Chicago. We went to photo school together at RIT and "grew up" as photo agents together. She is honest, kind, and selfless. Many a night her children waited for dinner because she was finishing up an estimate or talking a photographer off the ledge. We trusted each other as colleagues when so many agents don't. We recommended each others photographers - that says a lot about our trust level. Her photographers loved her, and clients as well. I've never heard anyone say a foul thing about her.
She's also an amazing mother to two fantastic kids (insane hockey mom) and is always doing for others whether it's raising money to acknowledge military suicides or collecting necessary items for Sandy victims, it's always with her whole heart. I don't know how she does it all."

@hennesseyreps I'm so glad that @mergeleft nominated you, because it gave me the opportunity to get to know you better. You are exactly the type of woman that is perfect for this weekly shout out. Thank you for being an inspiration today & huge thanks to Tricia for sharing the love & nominating someone...this is exactly why I started this.

Women In Advertising - Tricia Scott

I'm pretty sure this weeks #WIA nomination has no clue she is being featured because she just emailed me this morning, but it speaks to the unassuming, amazing person she is. Tricia or @mergeleft or @triciarunsnyc runs her company #mergeleft with her husband @mlreps. They have a talented roster of artists, but more importantly, Tricia is such a special woman. In all of her free time (haha) she runs marathons & does so by fundraising for @teamforkids. She also volunteers with @nycsalt helping to use photography to inspire students towards college and careers in the creative industry. Her company website even highlights artists and clients who are doing #GOODworks. I personally find Tricia to be an inspiration to always try to do more for others, work hard and have integrity. I was lucky enough to get to know Tricia & Brett & some of their artists better over the past year and I couldn't be more thankful. I love working with people who know how fortunate we are to work in this amazing industry & they live their lives by leading by example. So @mergeleft or @triciarunsnyc thank you for being the kind of woman that others should admire. I've said it before, but I'll say it again...you are a ROCKSTAR and we are lucky to have someone like you in our industry.

Women In Advertising - Madonna Badger

My nomination for this weeks #WIA is different from the others because I don't actually know @madonnabadger, but I had the privilege of hearing her speak at the @3percentconf this past fall. She was part of the reason I wanted to start to recognize#womeninadvertising even if just through social media. @madonnabadger is the founder and CCO @badgerandwinters and she and her agency have vowed to not participate in creating campaigns that objectifies women through the @womennotobjects movement. She turned her tragedy into a positive movement for women that will leave behind a legacy. She is a perfect choice for this weeks #womeninadvertising. A link to the#womennotobjects page: http://womennotobjects.com/

Women In Advertising - Christin Rose

It’s the second week of #womeninadvertising and I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me who I have nominated for this week. @hellochristinrose and I first met when I was just a coordinator at BBDO and she was working at @dsreps. Both fresh out of college and trying to find our way, we hit it off immediately and over the years our friendship has only gotten stronger. Christin is one of those people that is electric, her smile & laugh contagious. Her ambition, work ethic and fun loving personality is something that most people want to emulate. She personally inspires me with the way she views the world, but also by the work she does. About two years ago Christin & I were on a phone call talking about her work and how she needs to switch things up because for whatever reason, her photography wasn’t resonating with people the way she wanted. She told me she needed to “flip the room”, which is a saying she learned from her father who was a football coach…and she did just that. She is now the founder of @sheplayswein & has partnered with @underarmour on a clothing line…needless to say, her career has taken off. So @hellochristinrose, thanks for being a badass woman who supports other woman & girls all over the world. And thanks for being a hell of a friend, a talented photographer, a role model & a constant source of inspiration. I’m honored to know you, work with you, but most of all to call you my friend. Link to her clothing line here: https://www.underarmour.com/…/she-plays-we-…/pcid1306501-100

Women In Advertising - Erin Breen

This year I wanted to do something that gives a shout out to all the amazing women who work in advertising, a way to call them out for doing amazing things and being amazing people. Instead of #wcw I'm starting #wia, women in advertising. It makes sense that this week I start with Erin Breen, Head of Art Prodiction at BBDO, NY and one of the first women in the industry that believed in me. Erin is an amazing mother, wife, friend and my own personal life coach. Erin, you're pretty phenomenal. @ebreen116